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"purpose and drive wrought into every heartwrenching note"


"Mark Swan makes his presence known by rambling away manically into a vintage mic, Nick Cave style, as he flails around the stage. He pulls out various toys throughout the set which add a finishing touch to the creepy, murky projections cast on stage, while a bass-heavy rhythm section bring the pain. Despite an obvious fascination for Lynch, their songs and live show are individually compelling."


" apocalyptic collision of dirty blues and desolate garage rock which manages to reflect a myriad of high and low culture influences from grim fairy tales to the films of David Lynch."


"Both music and film come to you in monochrome, suffused in a dark fifties’ demi-monde exuding a barely concealed sexuality and a love that dare not speak its name."


"Natalie Pryce are here to provide musical entertainment. That isn't to say that they are here to make you feel better. In fact, this Glasgow band may help expose that last raw nerve. But they will make you feel, and it will be an interesting musical ride."


"Natalie Pryce sound just like the kind of Fringe-pricks that hang outside Bedlam Theatre late at night smoking roll-ups and discussing Arthur Miller."


"Their love of jazz, blues and punk is sliced and diced and blended into a gritty garage rockish amalgam...fucking brilliant."


"This is the kind of band that you're drawn to because of their malevolence but scared of because of just how far they might go. A beautiful place to exist and make music."


"This is not your ordinary garage rock experience. There is a lot more to this..."


"Their delivery and ambiance give a fresh air to modern rock n roll...they are the new energy the 21st century missed."


"this is freaking awesome. fantastic work!"

- Keith McIvor, Optimo Music


"They would make the perfect house band in a David Lynch movie, and that includes looking the part..."


"It's a much overused sentiment in music journalism but Natalie Pryce really are distinctive in their sound. Dapper and often shamelessly catchy, they counter their kinder tendencies with an air of cynicism and melancholy that borders, every so often, on the malevolent."


"They’re perfect. Maybe even one of those Glasgow bands people are going to be whining about in ten years time, wishing they’d been around to see them ‘back in the day’."
"...marvellously unhinged"
"...as sorrowful as it is disturbing. "
"...they also make some great neo-noir promo videos"




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"... they certainly proved different from the majority of acts on the Scottish scene, with a frontman in Mark Swan who hollered and raged like Nick Cave. He was aided by some superbly insistent, loping basslines a delightful tendency by the band to deliver waves of noise with poise. Hugely impressive."​


" it is an enthralling album, with the sort of songs you would expect to find in a Twilight Zone episode in which the protagonist gets lost on backroads in the fog and ends up in a roadhouse full of nightmarish characters."



"Natalie Pryce's album is a raw, punky-blues affair. It's gloriously dark listening."


"Swan’s delivery is so powerful that even if you cannot follow his tales about life, death, love and sorrow you still get dragged in by the passion of his delivery"


"Weird but in all the best ways. I felt like I’d just walked into a seedy 1940s blues bar, where the next artist would be a burlesque dancer, or there would be an air raid. Surreal doesn’t cover it."


"Devilishly brilliant Natalie Pryce, exploding onto the stage with their unique fusion of dynamism and sheer musical excellence."


"The realism and tension that accompanies Natalie Pryce's sound is entirely refreshing; nothing sounds perfect and that's exactly how it should be. Some songs are spitting out anger while others are laced with the heartache of adulthood. They are not background music and they are not angst, they are in-your-face and they're insanely good."


"Natalie Pryce is willing to provide fodder for your nightmares. These songs are dynamic, and multifaceted -- burning you as they seduce you. This may be the freshest music you've heard in a while."


"The dual essence of this release serves a specific purpose, namely exhibiting the band’s keenness on dichotomy, and establishing a ground where symmetry can be analyzed without compromises or apologies."


"The Mark Swan led band of weirdos launch their new album, with Swan likely rambling away into a vintage mic, helped along by murky projections and a bass-heavy rhythm section. Amen."


"A slightly enigmatic band, we don't really know much about them...sounds like the work of a disturbed mind."


"...cannot be denied are this band’s ability to provide excellent pop melodies with a strong noisy punk energy."


"The more I see and hear of Natalie Pryce the more they become one of my favourite bands. They are dark, twisted, immaculately suited and booted, and the music gets better with every release."


"Frontman Mark Swan is electric to watch, grimacing and contorting like a tortured puppet as he delivers tales of sex and death..."


"I have just been made aware of this awesome Glasgow Post Punk/Garage Blues band."


"Some nice indie pop that comes with a fairly freaky/demented visual component."

Natalie Pryce are:


Vocals / Harmonica / Melodica